MineConFrag allows the mining of configurable process fragments out of collection of event logs. It has been developed as a plugin in ProM framework an open source framework for process mining environment. The plugin takes as input a selected activity in a(n) (ongoing) designed process model and produces as output a configurable process fragment enhanced with guidelines. The configurable fragment is defined as the neighborhood context of an activity that shows the interaction of a selected activity with its neighbors. Since the configurable fragment depicts a generalized behavior which is restricted by configuration, the guidelines come in assisting the designer to derive a suitable configuration. These guidelines are mined from exsiting event logs using a frequency-based approach. We used 4 logs for testing purpose.

How to use

  1. Download the MineConFrag zip file which contains the Eclipse project for the plugin
  2. Import the project into the Eclipse workspace: File >> Import ... >> Existing Projects into Workspace >> Next >> Select archive file >> Browse to the location of the file >> Finish. This should import the project into the workspace. If there are any problems with the library path or class path fix it.
  3. You should find two Run configurations a) Prom with UITopia (MineConFrag) and b) Prom Package manager (MineConFrag) added to the run list within eclipse. If not, click Run Configurations >> Java Applications and select the Prom with UITopia (MineConFrag) option. This should add the configuration to the Run list.
  4. Run the Prom with UITopia (MineConFrag) option. You would see a Prom window show, after Prom initializes.

  5. Run with UITopia (MineConFrag)
  6. Choose import and import one of the logs in: MineConFrag >> Logs >> TestLogs.

  7. import log file
  8. Goto the actions tab, and select the "mine a configurable fragment". Select the log file as the input and hit "Start", and you should be able to find the mined graph.

  9. mine a graph

    the mined graph
  10. Select an activity to which you want to mine a configurable fragment and press on the "Mine" button. You should see the mined configurable fragment where configurable gateways are denoted by thick border.

  11. mine Configurable Fragment

    The mined configurable fragment
  12. Select a configurable fragment, then drag the mouse to the "guidelines" tab to see the recommended configurations.

  13. guidelines
  14. Select a configuration; the selected configuration should appear in the "configurations". After each selected configuration, the guidelines are updated in order to take the previously selected ones into consideration.

  15. configurations
  16. Repeat the process until all gateways are configured.
  17. You can return to the initial graph by pressig on "visualize EPC".

  18. visualize initial graph

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