FragMerg: Process Fragment Merger

Description: With the aim of assisting the business process design phase, we have proposed a merging approach that assists the designer with Configurable Process Fragments. Based on this approach, we developped FragMerg as an extension of the existing business process modeling tool, namely Signavio core components which is an open-source Web-based application for modeling business processes using BPMN2.0. FragMerg collects process fragments from exisiting designed business processes and merges them into one consolidated fragment. We used business processes from three domains (movie purchase, hotel reservation and book purchase).

How to use:

  1. The Signavio Process Editor enables the design of a business process using BPMN 2.0

  2. Using the FragMerg plugin, the user can select the activity to which he needs some assistance, and the number of zones (i.e. the size of the recommended fragment) to be considered

  3. A configurable fragment containing the selected activity and the number of considered zones is recommended to the user

*Some features of the application such as saving the modeled process are disabled to prevent the creation of noise data