The SPD approach to deploy service-based applications in the Cloud

Provision service-based applications in 3 steps: Slice, Package and Deploy.

As a part of our work regarding applications provisioning and management in Cloud environment, we propose a new approach, that we called SPD approach, to provision appropriate platform resources in order to host and deploy service-based applications in Cloud platforms.

The SPD approach stands for the three main steps of the process that we have defined to deploy such applications;

  • Slice the application deployables into a set of elementary services
  • Package them on our already developed service micro-containers
  • Deploy the obtained service microcontainers in a target PaaS

Step 1: Slice the application

The slicing step allows to divide the service-based application to deploy into an equivalent set of autonomous and operational services. The execution of this resulting services ensures the same semantic functionality of the initial application. The slicing step is based on the application deployables and descriptor ( e.g. .composite file for an SCA-based application, .bpel file for BPEL process, etc.).

We defined several algorithm slicers per application type:

  • SCA-Slicer to slice an SCA-based applications. Each SCA component leads to a service creation.
  • BPEL-Slicer to slice a BPEL process based on an intermediary activity graph.

Java implementations of these algorithms are available in correspondent links in the right box of the Web page.

Step 2: Package services into service micro-containers

Once the Java services are generated and aggregated, we package them into service micro-containers through our packaging framework.

Service micro-containers are specific types of application server that we have developed to address scalability drawbacks of classical service containers in Cloud environments. They are generated to package the application to host with only its necessary requirements (e.g. supported communication protocols, needed librairies, etc.).

Deploy 3: Deploy micro-containers in a Cloud platform

There are two ways to deploy the service-based applications:

  • Deploy the MCs as standalone applications in an IaaS platform
  • Deploy the MCs in a PaaS platform using COAPS API

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