To allow coupling Autonomic Computing with Cloud Computing, each company's Cloud must be able to seamlessly provide an autonomic infrastructure. To this aim, we propose a generic description of the needed resources to instantiate an autonomic infrastructure using OCCI resources.

OCCI Extension Documents

In our work we extend the OCCI Core standard and uses HTTP rendering described in OCCI Core and OCCI HTTP Rendering.

A description of the defined Resources, Links and Mixins could be found following this link Open Cloud Computing Interface - Autonomic Computing. The link contains also a use case description that contains the needed queries to establish the autonomic infrastructure for an Application deployed on CloudFoundry.

Autonomic Computing Infrastructure.


Our implementation extends OCCI Core and HTTP rendering implementations provided in the initial version of OCCI4Java.

We provide AutonomicOCCI4JAVA: a java implementation of an OCCI server. Our implementation is based on the OCCI4Java implementation of the OCCI specifications. A user guide describing the different steps of using the project is available here.

We also provide the preliminary implementation of the WS-Agreement Parser. This implementation is based on Eclipse Modeling Framework. The developed code is integrated in our OCCI implementation. It is used on a WS-Agreement Specifi SLA Mixin to parse SLAs written following the WS-Agreement description Language. This EMF project is based on the extended WS-Agreement XSD in which we added our requirements for autonomic management.

The application and clients that we used to evaluate our work could be downloaded using these links:

Autonomic Management for Service-based Business Processes elasticity

We applied our approach on SBPs to ensure their elasticity and consequently maintain their QoS. We used our mechanisms to dynamically add elasticity facilities to SBPs.
Autonomic Computing Infrastructure for SBPs elasticity.

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