A Generic Multi-PaaS API for Cloud Application Provisioning

M-COAPS API enables component-based applications provisioning across several PaaS offerings. It is based on COAPS API that relies on our already defined OCCI description model .

M-COAPS provides a concrete solution to struggle the existing lock-in in the PaaS market and enables developers to deploy and manage their applications' components easily and seamlessly in heterogeneous multi-PaaS environment.

M-COAPS is as a step forward to achieve PaaS cooperation and federation. It also provides concrete perspective to enable cloud end-user applications portability.


M-COAPS implements a PaaS resources model description, that we have defined as part of our work, and exposes several generic interfaces that aggregates operating actions exposed by PaaS providers.

The PaaS resources managed by M-COAPS consists of Applications to deploy and their hosting Environments.

To provision PaaS resources, a Cloud consumer have only to develop its specific API implementation based on M-COAPS generic interfaces.

Application and Environment management operations

M-COAPS provides a set of RESTful operations to manage Applications to deploy and their hosting Environments in the target PaaS.

Above an exhaustive list of operations provided by M-COAPS.

These operations are inherited from the former COAPS API. More informations can be found in the COAPS specifications document (V1.5.3).

Available implementations

All M-COAPS PaaS proxies implementations are open-source under Apache 2.0 license

Currently, we provide:

  • Generic management interface specifications document
  • An OpenShift PaaS API (OS-PaaS API)
  • An Amazon Elastic BeansTalk PaaS API (AWS-PaaS API)
  • A Cloud Foundry PaaS implementation (CF-PaaS API)
  • A CF-PaaS API user guide
  • A generic Web client

A COAPS GAE implementation was carried out by our Egyptian Easi-clouds partner from University of Cairo. For more information concerning this implementation, please send an email to: e_DOT_hossny_AT_fci-cu_DOT_edu_DOT_eg

A COAPS Appscale is under development by our Finnish Easi-clouds partner form University of Helsinki. For more information concerning this implementation, please send an email to: sami_DOT_saada_AT_gmail_DOT_com

Use case

JEEE-based simulation application provisioning across Cloud Foundry and Amazon BeansTalk :

To optimize cost, M-COAPS enables provisioning of the simulator component in Cloud Foundry and the recorder component in Amazon.

The configuration templates management interface (Web clients):

Through a graphic Web interfaces, the users define and/or edit a simulation configuration template.

The source code of this use case are available in right-side menu.

A demonstration video is shown above.

Demonstration video

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