High Performance & Parallelism

    HP2 is a team specialized in the field of High Performance Computing (HPC) within the Computer Science Department of Télécom sudParis, one establishment for higher education and research in the field of Information and Communication Technology of the Institut Mines-Télécom

    High Performance Computing uses parallel and distributed programming for solving advanced computation problems. The general purpose of the research activities of the HP2 team is to make the massive usage of computing resources both easier and more efficient, in order to provide the necessary computing power to the most demanding applications; by using the most efficient technologies (multicore, hardware accelerators, etc.), while mastering costs through the use of clusters, grids and clouds.
    The diversification of the type of platforms for parallel processing makes it necessary to design an operational parallel programming model common to all these platforms which nevertheless allows to take advantage of the characteristics of each platform; in order to allow the implementation of generic parallel programs while ensuring the execution efficiency. The research conducted by the HP2 team focuses on making the use of Parallelism easier in order to reduce the costs of development and maintenance of parallel programs. Another research topic consists in improving the efficiency of divisible load applications. For this purpose, the HP2 team considers and experiments methods for scheduling parallel tasks over heterogeneous distributed resources.

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