1  Introduction
 2  Synchronous middleware and the big picture
 3  CORBA introduction
 4  WebService introduction
 5  Interface definition language
 6  Distributed Identification
 7  First steps with WebServices
 8  First steps in CORBA
 9  Service/Object container
 10  GIOP/IIOP : ORBs interoperability
 11  SOAP
 12  Conclusions
 12.1  Comparison CORBA/RMI/WebServices
 12.2  Conclusions


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Département INF  
 Middleware for Internet distributed applications

12.1 Comparison CORBA/RMI/WebServices

CORBA RMI Web Services

Origin OMG SUN W3C

OS multiples multiples multiples

Prog. language multiples Java multiples

IDL IDL CORBA interface Java WSDL

data presentation CDR Java serialisation SOAP Envelope

protocole IIOP / GIOP JRMP ou IIOP SOAP Protocol above HTTP, SMTP, ...

connexions connected connected short connexions

object references IOR (location independant) symbolic names/IP+port URL (included in WSDL)

naming service NS, trading RMI registry, JNDI UDDI, WSIL

main advantages services/efficiency easy to use in java messages auto described

main difficulties complex to learn Java/Java lack of services

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INF, Télécom SudParis, ASR/CSC5002, octobre 2012